Sunday, December 21, 2014

Danielle Feldman's "The Art of Detail Painting"

I recently purchased this DVD created by Danielle Feldman to jumpstart my painting skills. I watched the entire DVD in one sitting! I have always wondered how artist create some of the subtle details seen on models at live shows, and this DVD was great -- it did just that. It clearly stated what materials/supplies were being used in the beginning, and then also mentioned them throughout the video. Unlike most YouTube videos and blog tutorials, you saw the entire process, front start to finish, There were no gaps where you wonder, "So...what happened during the gap, it wasn't like that before!".  This is a wonderful video if you are just starting out, or have been customizing for a while. It's always nice to see another method. I would highly recommend this video to anyone looking to take their painting to the next level. It covers pretty much everything you could think of, and a lot more. It very thoroughly covers: brown eyes, blue eyes, mixed eyes, dark hooves, shell hooves, striped hooves, shoes, shoe pads, chestnuts, ermine spots, teeth, tongues, glossing, dun factors (all of them!), dappling, and a bit about the supplies. She tells you what kind of brush to use, how to use the paint, why she prefers the supplies and materials, etc.

It's not expensive, and really worth the $15! If you were ever on the fence about it, GET IT!

Link to Danielle Feldman's E-Store:

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