Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hornet's In The House!

I have many blog posts in the works right now, but this can be a short one while I finish those.

Hornet by Maggie Bennett has arrived today, and he is awesome! He has wonderful little veins all over, really giving the impression that he is a hot headed, worked up warmblood. His face is spot on, with a focused expression, beautiful detail, and overall lovely presence.

I am SO thrilled I snagged him!

He is definitely one of the more dynamic, action-packed jumpers out there. He doesn't look stiff at all - like some sculptures can. He has motion, and lots of it!

Maggie didn't only create a wonderful sculpture, she also packed him very nicely, and really gave the new present feel - I almost forgot I paid for him!!!

Her attention to detail and always adding the little extra touches makes her resins stand out and go that much farther with the customer.

Definitely an A+++ for this one, Maggie!

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