Sunday, December 28, 2014

My 2014 Show Year

My year was great, show wise. As I was just getting back into the hobby, I didn't do as well as I'm sure I could have, if I took my time and really jumped in, but I wanted to relax and ease back into things. To say the least, I had a blast and am ready to really hop back into it in 2015!

With some brilliant new models, I am very excited!

However, staying in 2014, my show year started with BreyerFest. I showed in the Open show for the first time. Let me tell ya, it is VERY different than the Children's/Youth shows. I did fairly well in the Youth show, winning a handful of glossies and an Overall Grand Champion in my few years there, but this year in the Open show I was actually quite thrilled to have even won a first place and a couple seconds! Wowzers!

My glossy Manco Capac always does quite well for me in the show ring, I think he even got a first at BreyerFest the year before too. This was my big kick-off for the 2014 show season!

"Toruk Makto" winning first place at BreyerFest 2014.

Following BreyerFest, I attended Baystate Models Live. I did well at this show, though it was smaller, it was just as fun!

"Neytiri"  at Baystate

McDreamy at Baystate!

"Jake Sully" at Baystate. Only in Region X will there be a whole table of glossy O'Leay's! 

"Va Va Voom" at Baystate

"Ghost Assassin" winning a second place at Baystate.

"Toruk Makto" at Baystate

"Toruk Makto" winning 1st at Baystate

 If you haven't noticed, I show mostly in Collectibility. I have a thing for glossies!

After Baystate came Albany Area Regional Halter Bash.

"Babel" at AARHB

"Stealing Eden" at AARHB

"Bravado" at AARHB

"Hollywood Undead" at AARHB

I didn't do spectacular to AARHB, but I brought my friend Brittany and we had a fun time. 

Next comes this big guy, The Region X Championships. This show was massive, and a ton of fun! I met a lot of really awesome people, and I can't wait to go again!

"Hollywood Undead" at TRXC, winning reserve Champ
This was a GREAT ending to a wonderful year!

I can't wait for the 2015 show season, I will have a few new faces to put out there, I am going to try my hand at Performance showing, and I am going to have a great time. 

Hope to see ya there, and I hope you had a great year too!

To see more pictures from the shows, please visit my website: Wiggle Work Studios

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