Monday, December 22, 2014

TRXC Report: Performance

The Region X Championships are Region 10's NAN, and with that being said is incredibly competitive. The attention to detail and accuracy is beyond what you might see at other shows, really setting TRXC apart.

TRXC is well known for it's Stakes classes. To enter a Stakes class, the model/set up must have won first or second place at a NAN qualifying Region 10 show prior to being shown in the Stakes class. All the entries in these Stakes classes are the best of the best, making these classes very intense!

I was the official TRXC photographer this year, and I really appreciate everyone giving me the chance and making it a wonderful experience. Kudos to the awesome judges as well, those were some super hard classes! And, a special thank you to the show holder(s), it just wouldn't be possible without their time and hard work.

In my opinion, TRXC was a huge success this year!

On to the Performance set ups!

I obviously cannot show all the remarkable entries, but here are just a few to give an idea of the awesomeness that is TRXC's Performance.

To view the full album of pictures from TRXC 2014,  CLICK HERE.

This OF harness entry was really well done, and the models were quite beautiful, with an OF Totilas, and a slightly customized one. It definitely stood out!

This model really did it all, from harness to western to other performance -- and what a stunning model it was!

The English Division was really somethin'. With wonderful tack and gorgeous models, this was one competitive division! The jumps were insanely detailed, the artists that put them together must know their stuff! Besides the tack and props, the dolls have really improved since my last trip to a performance show.

With such an awesome English Division, of course the Western Division would be glorious too! The games and ideas portrayed in the Division were great, I really enjoyed reading the reference cards. The creativity is endless in Region 10!

When it comes to costumes and other performance, no detail was spared. The last picture is a Breyer trailer with zombies and horse parts in it, with lots of splattered blood and gore! 

The entrants of Region 10 are so creative, congratulations to everyone! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love live show pictures, especially of performance entries.

    And the do-it-all model would be Jackie Arns-Rossi's Hazel, "Heidi". Hazel is really a versatile model, especially with some creativity. She's my favorite CM/AR performance horse to compete with at the moment. :)