Monday, December 29, 2014

My Christmas Resins

Christmas was good to me this year, and I got a few new resins to really jump start my resin collection. A few have not arrived from overseas or holiday breaks in shipping, but I wanted to share the ones that have arrived, and what I plan on doing with them!

The first to arrive was "MEM No Inhibitions" sculpted by Jennifer L Scott of Aspen Leaf Studios LLC. My mom purchased this resin from Jennifer L Scott and had a wonderful transaction, and No Inhibitons arrived quickly, well packed (I believe from Mountain View Studios, though I can't find the box to confirm this!), and is just a beautiful model! The casting is very clean and nice. I am definitely planning on purchasing more models from Aspen Leaf Studios in the future. The detail is phenomenal, and the horse is sculpted with all the Morgan-y characteristics that are incredibly hard to capture. You really can't go wrong with any of Jennifer's sculptures - they all look great! "MEM No Inhibitons" may be my first - but definitely won't be my last.

This girl will be sent off to Chris Nandell-Flint to be painted a shaded red bay with my old horse Iesha's markings. To say the least - I am EXTREMELY excited!!!

Next on the list are my Maggie Bennett "Step It Out Mary" resins. These two little girls are adorable, and the detail on them is great. The castings have a few pin holes here and there, an occasional bubble, seams, but all are easily fixable. Overall the castings are good and I am very happy with both of them! I purchased a couple micro minis from Maggie Bennett earlier as well, and both transactions went very well, the horses were shipped very quickly, arrived quickly, and were packed fabulously. I plan on painting one to be a portrait of my mom's Racking Horse mare AngelBear, and the other a nice red bay.

Here is AngelBear:

Stay tuned for the other resins by Katya Elp and Seunta LLC - you won't want to miss them!

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