Monday, January 12, 2015

Arcane By Seunta Arrived!

I haven't posted in a little while, and this post is a bit late!

This pretty gal arrived much sooner than expected, she shipped out before Seunta's holiday shipping break was over, and on top of that the P.O. was quick too! Not to mention that I got her for a GREAT price because of Seunta's holiday sale. Seunta is the only place I have ever seen do a holiday sale that starts at 70%+ off, for great (not even seconds!) traditional scale resins. The original prices are even a steal!

Arcane's face is absolutely fantastic! I love how narrow but strong it is, it really gives the sculpture a unique look. The mane is also really cute, it almost looks like a short mane from the off side, and then when you see the other side, it's a full luxurious mane! 

Overall, I am quite pleased with this girl, she will be a star among my show string, once she gets some color.

The casting is nice and strong, there are no weak areas (and I only mention this because there was a resin at BF a few years back that had a gaping hole in its side where the resin was paper thin, scary!). The detail is great, and the casting is pretty darn clean. I am no expert, but I don't see all that much prepping needed other than cleaning up a few areas, some sanding, and prepping a seam here and there. I actually didn't notice any pin holes after a quick-ish look either, not that there aren't any, they are just so small or few and far between (yay!). The model stands perfectly too. Truly one of the cleaner casts I've come across. If I were going to send her to a professional painter, I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg to have her prepped, which is a great money saver! 

One of the great benefits of purchasing models from Seunta is the Loyalty Program, which you can read about HERE.  
Details! A+++

Seunta currently has a lot of great resins available, be sure to check them out at!

I'm definitely going to look for "Dynasty" at BreyerFest 2015, I will be saving money until BF and not buying any models, at least until I can go crazy at BF where I hope to purchase more than just one Seunta resin! 

I look forward to doing business with Seunta in the future, and highly recommend them. You will find friendly customer service, quick shipping, nicely packed models, and a great transaction.

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