Friday, January 2, 2015

FAQ: How Much Do Commissions Cost?

While on Instagram, I have been asked many times how much it costs to commission a professional artist. 
Morgen Kilbourne's "Dinky Duke" resin painted by Katrina Michaels and owned by me.

I simply cannot answer that, well, simply. No matter how many times I explain that it depends on the artist, color, and size - people still ask me for a "general estimate". However, I honestly don't know due to all the factors. Any estimate I give could be wrong and deter someone from considering a commission, or exclude a good artist who falls out of that price range. Both of which I don't want to do.

While searching around hobby sites, I discovered some links on Rio Rondo (which is an amazing site for just about everything from tutorials, supplies, and resins plus a whole lot more) , which led me to Morgen Kilbourne's page listing various finish work artists, their specialties, and prices.

In my opinion, this was a great discovery, and probably took a bit of time for Morgen to put together - thanks, Morgen!

Now, for everyone asking me, just check there for a good sampling of artists, prices, and information. 

While you are there, you can also check out Morgen's AMAZING sculptures and finish work! 

Seunta also has some great artist and hobby links to check out.

And, for a seriously comprehensive list of hobby links, visit The Unicorn Woman.

With all this information, I have no doubt that there is an artist out there for everyone! 

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