Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mapping & White Markings Tutorial by Christina Riley

I made it my goal to try and help model horse hobbyists that are getting into customizing by creating my own customizing tutorials, and also by spreading the word about other artists wonderful tutorials.  

Today will be a short post, but a really helpful one, made possible by Christina Riley. Her work is beautiful, winning in the show ring and really standing out! Be sure to check out her website showcasing her customs (I have linked her website to her name, just click on it!).

She recently posted a tutorial on painting white markings and mapping to her YouTube account, PozziToons.

I will be putting her tutorial to work when I get back into customizing! Thanks Christina!

She also has some other awesome tutorials on her YouTube channel, like painting an Appaloosa, her review of Earth Pigments, painting eyes, and so on, definitely worth checking out.

I saw this little mini painted by her at The Region X Championships 2014. I took these pictures, but the little guy is just so small and I was so rushed I didn't capture all the fabulous details at all! You can see many more detailed pictures of this guy on her website under the Winner's Circle tab, or click HERE to view Lester's gallery. Her pictures are much better!

Lester is owned by Sharon Mossy, sculpted by Maggie Bennett, and painted by Christina Riley.

"Lester" painted by Christina Riley, and owned by Sharon Mossy. Picture taken by me at TRXC 2014.

"Lester", although super tiny, holds his own against the big guys!

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